Backyard Gardening: Dragon Tongue String Beans

One of my favorite backyard garden plants to grow is the Dragon Tongue bean.  They are string beans known for their characteristic purple stripes which become more prominent with more sun exposure. Dragon Tongue grows fast, needs very little space or maintenance, and provides big yields harvest after harvest.  At times, I could not eat them fast enough, so I resorted to prepping them by snapping off both ends and cutting in half, placing them in a ziplock and storing them in the freezer.

These beans are delicious and packed with fiber, protein, and nutrient.  I add them to just about any rice, quinoa, salty oatmeal, or salad dishes.  And they are great as a simple side dish; stir fry beans and mushrooms is a personal favorite.  Frozen string beans become tender as soon as you heat them in a frying pan with olive oil… this saves time and you avoid having to steam-cook them.

String beans need a trellis on which to grow.  If you have a raised garden bed, you can plant them along the edge about 3-4 inches apart.  They do well with neighboring plants such as bell peppers and jalapeños.  The same plants have provided me with up to 4 or 5 large harvests, and do very well with this monthly fertilizing technique.

Fast to grow, easy to maintain, and very little space requirement… for these reasons, I give Dragon Tongue beans my nod of approval.

What are your favorite plants to grow?


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