Homemade garden & plant fertilizer

If you enjoy organic gardening and plant life, you have probably sought ways to fertilize naturally. Why settle for toxic petrochemicals or expensive organic fertilizers when you can use your produce scraps to feed the land?

Give this a try:

Into a blender, throw one spoon full of cottonseed meal, water, and all things compostable: eggshells, spent tea leaves, spuds, produce scraps (onion & garlic peel, aloe, citrus peel, kale stems, papaya/pineapple skin, banana peels, rotten tomatoes, leafy greens, etc). Blend for a good minute or two, then pour into a gallon jug and fill the rest with water.

I keep all my produce scraps in a bin in the freezer until I have enough to throw into the compost outside. About once every two months I use this method to fertilize my garden and outdoor plants. The plants, in turn, thank me with delicious veggies, flowers, and love.

A big thank-you to my neighbor for this crafty & inexpensive idea!

peace & love


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