DIY Workbench & Ikea Hack

Here we have a garage workbench designed and built to fit around an existing Ikea island that was no longer needed in the kitchen.workbench-ikea-hack-trio

The workbench is built entirely out of pine boards and plywood, topped with MDF for a smooth and durable working surface.  I did not capture step-by-step images of the building process, unfortunately.  However, I do hope some of these ideas will inspire you to build a custom bench for your workshop.

In addition to providing mobility for the miter saw, I added a few extra features to the overall setup that allows for more practical use of the working space.  Check out the pictures below for more details:

I now have a mobile station that allows me to work outside if I need better lighting, and to keep the garage free of sawdust when cutting wood.



What’s your favorite ikea hack?


4 thoughts on “DIY Workbench & Ikea Hack

  1. Very nice, keep up with more ideas. What about the piece you made one summer, at your mother’s home?, the clothes hanger, it’s so useful, it is by the door entrance, so I hang anything that I carry in my hands. You have to show that one. mm

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